CWANG 2014

Gambit narrowly failed to defend the CWANG title on 17 July at the Horse ‘n’ Groom (now Nomads’ new home venue) , coming second on 22 points to a combined Central/Mansfield team on 25.

We also donated 5 players to West Bridgford as somehow only 3 of their team turned up.

Mike Barnes scored 3.5 / 4 and Steve Hunter, Graeme Jennings and Ian Barker scored 3, Ian winning all his 3 games. Derek Padvis, guesting for West Bridgford scored 3 / 4, beating Gary Hopkinson on the way. Maggie Gretton, also guesting for WB, beat John Tassi (who beat Kev Harvey) and Andrew Thompson, also guesting for WB, drew with Mike Naylor.

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