County Championship

10 of us entered the county championship last weekend. Scores:
Championship Section: Barnes 3, Naylor 3, Mercs 2
U155 Section: Gorecka-Marshall 2.5, Sudar 2.5, Thompson 2, Huthwaite 1
U125 Section: Gretton 3, Watson 3, Harper 2

In the Championship section Mike Barnes was in joint 2nd place after beating Jonah Willow and drawing with Jon Tait, but lost to eventual winner Jim Burnett (who has won his last 13 Notts League games!). Mike Naylor beat Jonah Willow and Taylor Pearson, and battled hard before losing to Jim Burnett and Jon Tait. Peter Mercs also lost to Jim & Jon, and struggled to beat Janos Wagenbach & Tim Kendall before losing to Taylor Pearson.

In the U155 section, Andrew Thompson beat Drag Sudar and Peter Gorecka-Marshall beat John Huthwaite who also lost to Drag.

Drag had an extremely fortunate win in round 5 against Sean Grenham (position after black’s 25th move):

Gambit 2015-16 Grenham v Sudar

Sean Grenham played 26 Qxf8+!

Drag took the queen ready to congratulate Sean on his excellent move but Drag’s philosophy of always allowing his opponents the satisfaction of playing checkmate rather than tediously resigning one move before the mate (something that many chess players do, maybe after this they shouldn’t…) resulted in a totally unexpected move by Sean: 27 Bf6? (maybe distracted by the back rank mate that Drag couldn’t play as he would be in check).
Drag apologetically replied 27…. Rd6 and, quite understandably, Sean was mortified (as 26 Qf8+! Kf8, 27 Rd8+ Ke7, 28 Bf6++ would have been a lovely¬†and deserved¬†finish for Sean).

University did get a scalp though, as Charlie Grainger beat John Huthwaite.

In the U125 section Maggie Gretton played 3 Centralists, beating Kev Argyle and former Gambiteer Graham Gibson but losing to Andy Sutton. Ronnie Watson lost to Kev and Andy, but managed to beat Mick Harper.

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