Comparing 2019-20 To 2021-22

In the 2019-20 season 262 people played in the league. Of those only 112 have played this season, 42.75%. The club hit the hardest is Long Eaton who haven’t entered a team. The figures for the rest are:

Mansfield 6/7, Beeston 6/8, Gambit 14/24, RB 10/19, Newark 8/16, Grantham 12/26, Ashfield 10/22, WN 13/31, Nomads 8/20, WB 14/35, Central 5/13 and Uni 6/27.

On the positive side, clubs have 62 extra players, almost all brand new to Notts Chess:

Uni 15, Beeston 11 (!), Nomads 7, WN 6, RB 5, Central 5, Gambit 5, WB 4, Ashfield 2, Grantham 2, Mansfield 0, Newark 0.

Our club had 24 players in 2019-20. We sadly lost Alan earlier this year, and 6 members have stayed away due to concerns over the virus. Three members are coming down but aren’t playing in the league. That left us with 14 so we entered just 3 teams.

We soon began to get new members and entered a 4th team. Currently we have 5 new league players but we might have at least 4 more, and we have 3 new members not playing in the league. The Gambit Rapidplay currently has 18 entrants, a record number.

Over the board there has been little to write home about. Our 1st team has lost all 3 matches. The 2nd team are 1-1-3. The 3rd are 1-1-2. The 4th had 3 losses but finally won on Tuesday, 4-0 v RB3. Dan has a 100% record, albeit from just one game. Graeme, Pete and John S are unbeaten. Graeme has had 3 excellent draws v Mike Barnes, John Molyneux and Murray Smith with a 2200 average. John S forced Shabir Okhai to take a draw or possibly lose. Drag, Florian and George have unwanted 100% records.

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