Ashfield 1 v Gambit 1 – 17/01/18

Asfhield 1         1   4   Gambit 1
J. Molyneux   .5  .5  M. Barnes
G. Halfpenny  0   1   P. Mercs
S. Burke          .5  .5   J. Swain
D. Levens         0   1  J. Jires
J. Herrington  0   1  T. Adams

Mike was settling down to what looked like being a tricky middle game when John offered the draw. John and Steve unsurprisingly drew. Jiri had a relatively comfortable win over an out of form David. Tom slowly edged his way to a better position before smashing through Jerry’s defence. Glenn missed a chance to swap off Pete’s f4 knight and this cost him as Pete played a lovely Nxh3 move which swiftly led to a win. This result keeps the 1st team’s slender title hopes alive and boosts our 2nd team’s chances of staying up.

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