Are Gambit 3 Already Down?

A brief summary of the season so far:

Gambit 3 are having a really tough time in division 2 this season, having lost all 5 matches so far. They will have to pick up some points in their last two matches before Christmas otherwise they will almost certainly be down.

Gambit 1’s title challenge has already faded after only drawing to Grantham ‘1.5’ and then losing at Grantham 1.

Gambit 2 failed to build on their victory over Ashfield 1 with a disappointing defeat at Ashfield 2, and have slipped back into the relegation places.

Gambit 4 seem settled in mid-table after beating the then leaders Ashfield 3 before narrowly losing to University 1. Both matches featured good individual performances, including Peter Gorecka-Marshall’s nice win over an under graded Steve Bak and Mick Harper’s defeat of Steve Luland, graded 19 points above him.

Gambit 5’s fantastic promotion two seasons ago now seems like a distant memory. A draw and a loss leaves them in mid-table.

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