Adams 2 1/2 – 1/2 Gambiteers

On Sat 17 Sep, Ludorati games cafe on Maid Marion Way hosted a simul by British Chess Champion Michael Adams against 25 opponents, eagerly watched by about 20 spectators (incl 5 from Gambit). Varying between e4, d4 & c4 openings, Adams, who had returned from the Olympiad in Baku only 3 days earlier, had white in every game and won 22, drew 2 and lost 1, with the final games ending about 2 hours 45 minutes after the simul began.

Three Gambiteers took on Adams. Charlie Grainger was neatly outplayed. Onos Kofi-Ofuafor was punished for deviating from his original plan. However Ray Evans demonstrated how good a player he is by steadily and relatively comfortably obtaining a draw with the final position slightly in his favour.

WB’s Chris Budd was understandably pleased with his draw and WN’s David Levens, who had employed a ‘dragon/najdorf mix’ variation, played well to exploit Adams’ blunder when he dropped an exchange with no suitable compensation in a fairly complicated position that he was winning.

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