Absence Makes The 4th Team Stronger

It’s usually very easy to put a team together at the start of the season with lots of players still eligible, but this definitely wasn’t the case for our 4th team’s 1st match yesterday. On the day before the match, of the 5 members allocated to the team at the captains meeting last week, only Graham was definitely playing. John T was unavailable, Derek was unwell and Mick ‘n’ Mags were proving difficult to get hold of as they were on holiday. It took numerous phone calls, including unsuccessful attempts to reach some of our 5th team, before the team’s line up was finally confirmed.

The standard practice at the club is to allocate members to squads and stick with them even when players from higher teams are available. Therefore we took no pleasure in taking a team to Nomads 3 that would out grade them heavily. Unsurprisingly we won 4.5 – 0.5. Graham’s opponent, new to league chess, unfortunately dropped a piece after just 4 moves. Keith won a rook after just 10 moves. Drag gradually improved his position and won a piece. Mick won a pawn and played patiently until he won a piece. Brian had a tricky position and was happy to take a draw when a pawn down in a Q+B+pawns ending.

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