3rd Team Return To Division 3

Our 3rd team were relying on West Bridgford 1 to take at a least a point off Newark 2 in the final match of the season to stay up at Newark’s expense. Rather disappointingly for such an important match WB took just 4 players to Newark and ended up losing 3-2. Newark 2 finish 6th on 11 points, the same as our 3rd team, but with a far superior board difference of -2 compared to Gambit 3’s -15.

The real damage was done in the two league matches between our 3rd team and Newark 2 who won both with an aggregate score of 9.5 – 0.5. Had our 3rd team lost them both 3 – 2 they would have stayed up on board difference.

Not many teams have been relegated with 11 points. Since the league changed from 9 to 8 teams in a division in 2005-06 only 4 other teams have gone down with 11 points, and 2 with 12 points. The fact that University 1 won division 2 with just 19 points shows how tight the division was this season.

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