2021-22 Season Week 1

Exactly 19 months to the day after our last league match, league chess resumed.

Our 3rd team suffered an unexpected defeat at WB 3. On board 1 Keith’s game had to be restarted, according to article 7.2 of the Laws of Chess, after only a handful of moves, when he noticed that his opponent’s knight and bishop were set up on the wrong squares. Keith lost in the endgame. Graham allowed his opponent to take control in the middle game and also lost. Ronnie drew and Ken had a comfortable win. Result 2.5 – 1.5 loss.

The big clash between the 1st and 2nd teams took place on Tuesday, with the 2nd team emerging as surprise 2.5 – 1.5 winners. Mike B and Graeme played out a rather tame draw. Florian allowed Mike N to gain a winning attack on the Q-side. Pete was an exchange down when Onos lost on time. Drag missed a winning move and then, in time trouble, missed another good move, and lost on time to John H.

On Wednesday our 4th team, featuring 3 players new to OTB standard play chess, lost 3 – 1 at Uni 3, but could have won or drawn. Tom was unlucky to miss a chance to punish his opponent’s mistake and lost material. George began soundly but allowed his opponent to gain a small edge from which he didn’t recover. Marian played well, winning first one pawn, then another, and finally his opponent’s queen. Will lost some material and his opponent played well after that. A slow start but the team has real potential to do well, and it’s great to have such enthusiastic new members.

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