2021-22 League Season Review

Last August seems a very long time ago and so much has happened since then.

At our AGM we were informed that only two thirds of our members would be playing in the league this season, so we entered 3 teams rather than the usual 5, and began with 14 players.

The LMC decided to reduce the number of boards per team from 5 to 4 and this suited us seeing that all but one of those not playing were drivers, leaving us with just two people willing and able to provide full team transport.

Our 1st team began very slowly, losing to our 2nd team and then losing two more matches before finally winning one before Christmas. It was a different story in 2022 as we won 5 and drew 1 to finish the season in 2nd place behind winners Mansfield 1.

Our 2nd team, yet again the only 2nd team in division 1, had a great start, beating our 1st team, but that was the high point as we managed just one more win and two draws before ending up 6th and last on board difference to Ashfield 1.

Our 3rd team never threatened the promotion places nor the relegation places as we adopted a pattern of lose, draw, win pretty much throughout the season, and finished 4th out of 7 teams.

In September, with 3 new members, we entered a 4th team into division 5. We got off to a slow start with 3 losses, but then the arrival of two more members and a 4-0 win over RB3 set us up for an 8 match unbeaten run and we ended up in 3rd place.

New members continued to join throughout the autumn and winter and in Jan we entered our 5th team into a newly formed 6th division, quickly followed by our 6th team, with both teams having completely separate squads of new members. Our 5th team finished top of the 4 team division with our 6th team ending up 2nd.

In total, 15 of our 24 members from 2020 played this season, plus 13 new members. Many weeks from November to February saw large numbers turning up at the club. Only one of our new members had experience of playing league chess and most had only ever played online. Now that the novelty of playing over the board has worn off, it will be interesting to see how many of our new members will be with us next season.

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