2018-19 Individual Performances

With the season almost over we are still waiting for some results.
Gambit 1 will finish 2nd or 3rd in div 1 depending on the result of Mansfield v Newark 1.
Gambit 2 have finished 6th and will stay up in division 1.
Gambit 3 will stay up in division 2 if Newark 2 fail to beat West Bridgford 1.
Gambit 4 have finished 7th (bottom) in division 3 so will go down.
Gambit 5 will finish 1st or 2nd in division 5 depending on the Uni 2 v EMCA 1 result.

It was a tough season for the club as 3 of our teams were battling to avoid relegation after 3 of our teams won promotion last season. Even so, there were some great individual results (these are based on players’ August grades).

These were the best wins:

Keith (136) beat Tim Walker (189)
Graham (114) beat Lavanya Maladkar (146)
John S (164) beat Pete Ackley (189)

John’s win was a bit lucky as Pete fell for a mate in 2 when winning, but they all count.

Theses were the best draws:

Drag (163) drew with Chris Dorrington (222), Tom Adams (193) & Steve Prior (189)
John S (164) drew with Paul Cumbers (199), Pete Mercs (184) & Stuart Williams (180)
Brian drew with Brian Thompson (174) , Jonathan Finn (166), Graham Ladds (155) & twice with Dave Flynn (159)
Graeme (170) drew with Jonathan Tait (203) & Michael Barnes (200)
Steve (167) drew with Jim Burnett (192) & Shabir Okhai (192)
Derek (123) drew with Will Atiomo (144) & Ritika Maladkar (142)
Mike N (172) drew with John Molyneux (200)
Keith (136) drew with Shane Bhayat (162)
John T (137) drew with Armaan Gogia (163)
Mick H (120) drew with Will Eyre (142)
Mike B (200) drew with Jonah Willow (215)
Graham (114) drew with Oliver Alderton (e130)

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