2018-19 Club Championship Week 1

Our club championship is held at the end of each season over two weeks with 3 rounds in the first week and 2 rounds in the second week, controlled this year by experienced arbiter John Swain. The time each player gets depends on the difference in grades between the two players. If the difference is up to 15 points, each player gets 20 minutes. If the difference is 16 to 30 points, then it’s 25 & 15 and if the difference is more it’s 30 & 10. In addition each player gets 5″ increments from move 1.

Last year’s champion Pete Mercs got off to a good start by beating Mike Naylor and Dick Edwards but in round 3 he lost to Mike Barnes who had beaten John Huthwaite and Brian Hayward in the first two rounds. Steve Hunter also began well with wins over Keith Roper and Florian but then blundered against Drag Sudar and lost a rook. Mike N recovered from his 1st round loss to beat Alan Groves and Graham Gibson. Derek Padvis, who had frustrated Drag in round 1 by holding him to a draw, beat Ken Heath in round 2 and drew with Dick in round 3. Brian should have joined those on 2 points but let Florian get away with a draw in round 3 in a won rook and pawn endgame.

The scores after week 1 are:
3.0: Mike B
2.5: Drag
2.0: Pete M, Steve, Derek, Mike N
1.5: Dick, Brian, Florian, Gary, John
1.0: Graham, Alan
0.5: Peter GM, Ken
0.0: Keith

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