2016-17 Season League Rule Changes Etc

Significant changes for the 2016-17 league season:

a) The 1st time control has been removed so players will now have 90 minutes (75 in div 5) in which to complete all their moves. This means that players will no longer have to stop analogue clocks after 35 moves (30 in div 5).

b) For the first time in league history there will be a form of board order where a player on a lower board may not be more than 20 points higher graded than players on higher boards. Although 20 points still leaves lots of room for maneuver, it will stop some of the excesses of last season.

c) Players will be allowed to play twice above the bottom two boards played or won by default. This will give captains greater flexibility as they will be able to use players from the next lower team up to 10 times on higher boards rather than up to 5 times in previous seasons. The rule change also means that the league has reverted to the ‘bottom two boards played or won by default’ rather than the ‘bottom three boards played or won by default’ system employed last season.

d) The new records secretary is Mike Naylor, who is joined on the LMC by Derek Padvis.

e) The Executive Committee has two new members, Bob Abrahart (WB) and Steve Luland (Uni).

f) A Junior Committee has been formed consisting of John Swain, Derek Padvis, Simon Scott (WN) and David Levens (WN).

g) John Swain, a long time BCF arbiter, and one of the controllers at the Notts Congress and Rapid Play, is now a level 2 ECF arbiter. Gambit now has 2 ECF arbiters, John and level 1 trainee arbiter Drag Sudar.

h) Mansfield have moved to the Brown Cow and will play home matches on Thursday.

i) The Electric Club has shut down so Grantham will be playing at Great Gonerby Social Club, 8 High Street, Great Gonerby, Grantham, NG31 8JP, which is reached via the A1 (north) and the B1174, taking only a minute or two longer than to get to as the Electric Club, and it has parking apparently.

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