2016-17 Individual Performances

This was a tough season for most of our members, with 3 of our teams finishing in relegation places. However there were some notable individual results.

The best 4 wins of the season were:
Graeme Jennings (159) v Nigel Birtwistle (196) and Richard Truman (180)
Onos Kofi-Ofuafor (167) v Robert Richmond (192)
Ken Heath (72) v Alberto Rodriguez (116)

The best draws of the season were:
Tom Adams (ung) v Alex Posazhennikov
Alan Groves (88) v Graham Neil (122)
Rob Ensor (124) v Owen Hunt (154)
Derek Padvis (127) v Matt Smith (160) and John Harrison (151)
Keith Roper (137) v Anita Somton (165)
Charlie Grainger (139) v Alex Combie (171)
John Tassi (142) v Steve Prior (190) and Glenn Halfpenny (176)
John Huthwaite (148) v Zoltan Tardi (181)
Drag Sudar (152) v Steve Prior (190) and Peter Mercs (180)
Mike Naylor (164) v Jim Burnett (197)
Graeme Jennings (159) v Peter Mercs (183)
Onos Kofi-Ofuafor (167) v Mike Barnes (203)

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