2015-16 Pre-Season 10mpp Time H’Cap

There was a fantastic turnout for the pre-season ‘swizzle’ with 20 members and 4 guests. Going into the final round Michael Barnes and Mark Cooke were leading on 4.5/5 with Onos Kofi-Ofuafor, John Huthwaite and Simon Scott just half a point behind. Onus overcame Simon and John beat Maggie Gretton so all depended on the result between Mike and Mark. Mark was better before a mistake allowed Mike in, and Mike won the event with 5.5/6

The time handicap worked really well as there were numerous wins by lower graded players. The two best ‘giant killers’ were Simon Scott (120) who beat Mark Darlington (155e) and forced Mike Barnes (212) to bail out with a draw, and Hambel Willow (128) who beat Mike Naylor (161) & Brian Hayward (153). Mike & Brian were the most ‘generous’ players with Mike also losing to Maggie Gretton (102) & Andrew Thompson (136), while Brian also lost to Rob Ensor (125) & Derek Padvis (129) and drew with Michael Seagrave (90). Other notable wins included Michael Seagrave beating Gary Hopkinson (138) and Mick Harper (120) beating Graeme Jennings (151).

Final Scores:
5.5: Barnes
5: Kofi-Ofuafor, Huthwaite
4.5: Cooke
4: Gorecka-Marshall, Scott, Smith/Swain (Swain subbed in after 2 rounds)
3: Darlington, Mehmet, Gretton, Willow H, Jennings/Sudar (Sudar subbed in last round), Thompson, Padvis
2.5: Harper, Ensor
2: Naylor, Hopkinson
1.5: Hayward, Seagrave
1: Roper
0: Henderson

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