2014 Club Championship

Just like last year a play-off was required to find the winner of the club championship.

After week one Pete Mercs was in the lead on 3 points closely followed by Drag Sudar and Graham Gibson on 2.5. Graham had played very well in round two to defeat defending champion Steve Hunter and even better to beat Keith Roper in round 3.

In round 4 Pete (3 points ) and Drag (2.5 points) beat Graham (2.5 points) and Mike Naylor (2 points) respectively while John Huthwaite (2 points) beat Steve (2 points).

In the 5th round Pete (4 points) held an early advantage over Drag (3.5 points) but a combination of time pressure and a misjudgement allowed Drag to exploit an opportunity and go into the final round half a point clear. Meanwhile, John Huthwaite (3 points) moved into joint 2nd place on 4 points by beating Rob Ensor (2.5 points).

In round 6 Drag (4.5 points) played abysmally against Derek Padvis (4 points) but escaped with a draw when he should have lost. Pete (4 points) beat John Huthwaite (4 points) leaving himself and Drag joint first on 5/6.

Pete won the reduced time play-off very easily to win the club champion for the third time since the merger of Gambit and Dark Horses in 2001.

Final Scores:
5 points: Peter Mercs, Drag Sudar
4.5 points: Derek Padvis
4 points: John Huthwaite
3.5 points: Andrew Thompson, Graham Gibson, Peter Gorecka-Marshall
3 points: Mick Harper, Steve Hunter, Mike Naylor, Rob Ensor
2.5 points Gary Hopkinson
2 points: Keith Roper, Ronnie Watson, Karam Sangha
1 point: Maggie Gretton, Richard Edwards (both from 3 games)
0.5 points: Ken Heath (from 3 games)
0 points: Alan Groves (from 3 games)

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