1st team keep up pressure on Mansfield 1

The 1st team kept up the pressure on Mansfield 1 by beating Newark 1 4-1. Both teams were without important players with us missing Pete M, Florian and Graeme while Newark were without Daniel Jazdzewski, Ian Burridge and Murray Smith, which probably hurt them more than us. Mike B created a passed e pawn and played a neat bishop move that destroyed Alex Combie’s position. Tom exploited a poor move by Andy George to win material. John S played out a tight draw with Zoltan Tardi. Drag, a pawn and two minor pieces down for a rook, should have lost to Tony Bourke, but Tony was concentrating so hard on a choice between two good moves that he failed to notice his time run out. Mike N had managed to turn a good position into a tricky one so happily accepted Graham Ladds’ draw offer after Drag won. The 1st team have now completed their fixtures and are two points ahead of Mansfield 1 with the same game points difference, aka ‘goal difference’, but Mansfield 1 have three matches left, v Gambit 2, WB 1 & Newark 1 so should win the title very easily.

The 3rd team kept up their challenge for the 3rd division title by beating a tricky looking Nomads 2 4.5 – 0.5 to leave themselves on the same number of points as University 1 but just behind them on game point difference. University 1 have completed their fixtures so our 3rd team just needs to avoid defeat in their final match v WB 3 in mid April to claim the title.

The 4th team had a good 3.5 – 1.5 win at Nomads 3 on Monday to stay first in division 4. They are 3 points ahead of WN 3 and have one match left to play, v WB 4 while WN 3 have two matches left, v RB 2 & Ashfield 4. A draw v WB 4 next week will clinch first place for our 4th team due to their vastly superior game point difference.

The 5th team retained their 3rd place in division 5 with a 4-0 win over 2 man University 3.

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