10min pp h/cap Swiss:- Random Openings

Last Tuesday saw the second installment of Gambit’s summer tournaments. This one was a 10min pp handicap tournament but with an extra twist – openings for each game were randomly selected from a deck of cards so no one knew what they were doing!

There were upsets straight away with Mick Harper beating Brian Hayward and Geoff Smith getting the better of Derek Padvis in the first round. Then Maggie Gretton (106) went on a fantastic charge beating second seeded Michael Maciejewski (e180) in round 2 and third seed Michael Naylor (161) in round 3. It was one Michael too far in round four though as she lost to top seed Michael Barnes.

Going into the final round there was one player on 4 (Barnes) but he still had to face Michael M who was on 3. The second seed won as did Maggie (playing Ken Heath), leaving us with three players tied on four points.

We also welcomed three new faces to the club – Dan, Steve and Luke who all played in an excellent spirit, especially considering they weren’t used to playing with chess clocks. Particularly well done to Luke, who managed to beat Geoff Smith on time in the final round. Final scores:

4: Gretton, Maciejewski, Barnes
3: Padvis, Heath, Huthwaite, Hayward
2.5: Harper, Groves, Naylor
2: Roper, Luke
1: Smith, Steve
0: Dan

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