Club Information

On This Page:
a) Membership list.
b) Club Champions since the Gambit / Dark Horses merger.
c) Player Of The Year Awards since the merger.
d) Roll Of Honour: A list of congresses etc won by Gambit members since the merger.
e) Club History

Membership List:
Michael Barnes 207
Tom Adams 192
Jiri Jires est 180 (2052 ELO)
Ray Evans 179
Peter Mercs 178
John Swain 177
Graeme Jennings 169
Michael Naylor 165
Oliver Graham 162
Steve Hunter 162
Onos Kofi-Ofuafor 158
Drag Sudar 151
Florian Biermann est 147 (1802 ELO)
Richard Edwards 147
Brian Hayward 145
John Huthwaite 144
John Tassi 142
Gary Hopkinson 131
Graham Gibson 128
Keith Roper 126
Derek Padvis 126
Peter Gorecka-Marshall 125
Michael Harper 124
Margaret Gretton 92
Alan Groves 88
Ronnie Watson 84
Ken Heath 67
Geoff Smith 50

Club Champions since the Gambit / Dark Horses merger:
2016-17 Michael Barnes
2015-16 Graeme Jennings
2014-15 Michael Barnes
2013-14 Peter Mercs
2012-13 Steve Hunter
2011-12 Michael Barnes
2010-11 Michael Barnes
2009-10 Steve Hunter
2008-09 Richard Edwards
2007-08 Richard Edwards
2006-07 Michael Barnes
2005-06 Zdenek Soki
2004-05 Zdenek Soki
2003-04 Michael Barnes
2002-03 Peter Mercs
2001-02 Peter Mercs
2000-01 Mark Darlington

Player Of The Year Awards since the Gambit / Dark Horses merger:
The Brian Gretton Trophy is awarded to the best performance in the league by a player graded under 130. The Gambit Trophy, introduced in 2009-10, is awarded to the best performance in the league by a player graded 130 or above.

Brian Gretton Trophy                            Gambit Trophy
2016-17: Rob Ensor                                      Graeme Jennings
2015-16: Michael Harper                            Dragoljub Sudar
2014-15: Ken Heath                                     Richard Edwards
2013-14: Alan Groves                                   Michael Barnes
2012-13: Andrew Thompson                      Peter Mercs
2011-12: Peter Gorecka-Marshal               James Gardner
2010-11: James Gardner                             Michael Barnes
2009-10: Mark Kirtley                                 Peter Mercs
2008-09: Allan Brown
2007-08: Hamzah Ali
2006-07: Hamzah Ali
2005-06: Maggie Gretton
2004-05: Ian Fillingham
2003-04: Derek Padvis
2002-03: Ken Heath
2001-02: Michael Harper
2000-01: Alan Groves

Roll Of Honour:

Since the merger, 12 members have won a very impressive total of 41 competitions.
10 wins: Michael Barnes
8 wins: Michael Harper
5 wins: Drag Sudar
4 wins: Peter Mercs
3 wins: Andrew Thompson
2 wins: Steve Hunter, John Huthwaite & Peter Gorecka-Marshall
1 win: Florian Biermann, Richard Edwards, Rob Ensor, Maggie Gretton, Ronnie Watson

Season  Player               Event                                  Section
2017-18  F Biermann       Birmingham Rapidplay   Major (U171)
2016-17  S Hunter            Nottingham Congress      Major (U165)
2016-17  M Harper          Harrogate Congress          Minor (U120)
2015-16  M Gretton         Harrogate Congress          Minor (U120)
2014-15  D Sudar             Sheffield Congress             Major (U171)
2014-15  M Harper          Huddersfield Congress     Minor (U125)
2014-15  A Thompson     Nottingham Congress       Inter (U135)
2014-15  P Mercs             Doncaster Congress          Open
2014-15  M Barnes          Notts Championship         Championship
2013-14  J Huthwaite      Doncaster Rapidplay        Major (U170)
2013-14  M Barnes           Nottingham Congress      Open
2013-14  P G-Marshall    Nottingham Congress       Inter (U135)
2013-14  A Thompson     London Chess Classic RP   U120
2013-14  R Watson           Notts Championship          Minor (U110)
2013-14  D Sudar              Leamington Rapidplay      Intermediate
2012-13  D Sudar              Nottingham Congress       Major (U165)
2012-13  M Barnes            Notts Championship        Championship
2012-13  A Thompson      Notts Championship         Minor (U110)
2012-13  M Harper           Scarborough Congress      Minor (U136)
2012-13  P Mercs              Leek Congress                    Main A (Major)
2012-13  P Mercs              British Championship       Wk End Atkins
2011-12  M Barnes            Notts Championship         Championship
2011-12  R Ensor               Notts Championship         Inter (U135)
2011-12  M Harper            Durham Congress             Minor (U125)
2011-12  S Hunter             Nottingham Congress       Major (U165)
2011-12  M Harper            Nottingham Congress       Inter (U135)
2010-11  J Huthwaite       Nottingham Congress       Inter (U135)
2009-10  R Edwards         Nottingham Rapidplay     Major (U160)
2009-10  M Harper           Nottingham Rapidplay     Inter (U135)
2009-10  M Barnes            Scarborough Congress     Open
2009-10  D Sudar              Notts Blitz                          Open
2009-10  P Mercs              British Championship       British U175
2008-09  M Harper          Nottingham Congress       Minor (U100)
2008-09  P G-Marshall    Doncaster Congress          Minor (U100)
2006-07  M Harper           Hawick Congress               U125 (U1600)
2006-07  D Sudar              Scarborough Congress      Inter (U135)
2006-07  M Barnes            Leicester Congress           Open
2005-06  M Barnes            Notts Championship        Championship
2005-06  M Barnes           Nottingham Rapidplay     Open
2004-05  M Barnes           Notts Championship         Championship
2003-04  M Barnes           Nottingham FIDE Open   Open

Club History:

Gambit was formed in 1967 in the Blue Bell Pub in the centre of Nottingham. After brief stays at the News House on St James Street and the Old Angel on Stoney Street, the club moved to the Federation House Social Club on Claremont Rd in the early 1970s.

Gambit won the 1st division championship in 1973 and went on to win the title 5 years in a row from 1975 until 1979, unbeaten in each season, winning all their matches 3 years running from 1975-76 to 1977-78. They were next champions in 1992 and then 3 more times between 1993 and 1996. Their next, and latest, title came in 2006, after merging with Dark Horses chess club in 2001.

Dark Horses was formed in 1986 under the name Sherwood after the merger of 3 clubs, Sherwood, White Kights and Fiveways.

The original Sherwood played at the Sherwood Community Centre for years, running 3 teams in the 70s but went down to one team in the 80s.

During the late 70s a group of friends formed the Fiveways clus at the Fiveways pub and a short time later they moved to the Sherwwod Inn on Mansfield Rd. In 1982 several members left to form Fiveways mark II at the Fiveways pub while the remainder moved to the Vale on Mansfield Rd as White Knights. In 1985 White Knights, Fiveways and Sherwood merged to form a new club at the Oxclose pub on Oxclose Lane and changed the name to Oxclose in 1987

Oxclose moved to the Fiveways pub in 1995, taking its name. Fiveways mark III won the 1st division championship in 3 successive years from 1997 until 1999. In 2000 the club moved to the Horse & Jockey pub on David Lane under the Dark Horses name for a year before merging with Gambit.

In January 2011 Gambit moved to its current location, the Lincolnshire Poacher.