Our club meets on Tuesdays in the upstairs function room at the Lincolnshire Poacher real ale pub, 161 Mansfield Road, NG1 3FR, 10 minutes walk from Victoria Centre, and a couple of stops by all NCT buses going up Mansfield Road (Stop FO12 ‘Huntingdon St’ coming from town, FO09 ‘Huntingdon St’ going towards town). Parking is available on Mansfield Road (a parking charge applies until 10pm) and just around the corner on North Sherwood Street.

We are located perfectly for anyone who likes chess and works or studies at Nottingham Trent University.

We enter teams in the Nottinghamshire Chess League (see the Nottingham Chess Association’s website https://www.nottinghamshirechess.org/), and we also hold internal club competitions, both ECF rated and casual.

Playing chess over the board is completely different to playing online – arguably more enjoyable – and a better way to determine your chess ability.

Although things have improved regarding Covid, it’s still out there so we continue to open the windows to allow for a good exchange of air in the room. Please don’t come if you feel unwell, such as a high temperature or persistent cough, and consider taking a lateral flow test before returning.

For more information please see our ‘Club Information’ page or contact our club secretary Mike Naylor on 07896 074156 or at ppyrman@hotmail.com.